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Mold Removal

Do you have a problem with mold, water or fire damage in your home, office, boat or automobile? If so you are looking for answers to your questions such as "how much", but you should also be asking "will it be done right", "what health affects could my family suffer if the mold removal process (leaving spores or dead mold can cause health affects) is done wrong", etc...

My name is Shawn Trimble and I own Aloha Restorations where we offer mold inspections and mold removal for your home, business, cars and boats, plus fire and water damage restoration services.  I realize that you may have fears and concerns that go beyond your needs and wants.  For instance you may feel uncomfortable having people you have never met entering your home, you may have fears that someone will change the price half way through getting the work done.  You may need to get the job done during a specific period of time so as not to interfere with your personal life, etc.

I want you to know that I, and my staff, will do our very best to answer all of your questions before we start the job.  You will know the cost before we start work.  Most of all you will know that you are working with people you can trust.  I can say this because I am the person who will be taking your calls, preparing your quote and making sure the work is actually done right.  I am the person who will take responsibility for checking at the end to make sure that all the details are done correctly.

I can assure you that all mold remediation and restoration work will be done to the very best of our abilities and that the standard we will use is the same standard we would use at my home with my own two children.  We will never leave you in an awkward situation and all of our staff speak fluent English so that there will never be any misunderstandings.

Most of all, know you can call me 24 hours a day at (239)249-4636 if you have any problems. Know that I will listen and do my best to resolve the problem as quickly as reasonably possible.

I guarantee quality, and promise your peace of mind.

Shawn Trimble
Aloha Restorations




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